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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
May 16th|6.52pm
Found this on a xanga... i like it!

<3 - give her a hoodie of yours so other people know shes taken by you

<3 - leave her sweet messages for when she wakes up

<3 - sneak up behind her

<3 - grab her by the waist

<3 - do anything to make her smile

<3 - always make her laugh

<3 - tell her shes beautiful not sexy

<3 - tell her she has amazing eyes

<3 - buy her things just because

<3 - when your friends walk by say this is my girlfriend

<3 - say i love you to her face not just over the phone

<3 - if shes sad take her in your arms and tell her everything will be okay

<3 - never cheat on her

<3 - wrestle with her

<3 - call her just to say hi

<3 - kiss her on the forehead

<3 - when you walk with her, walk slowly

<3 - tickle her even when she says stop

<3 - tell her you miss her.. even if you just saw her an hour ago

<3 - don't say i love you unless you mean it

<3 - when she complains about how she looks tell her she's perfect just how she is

<3 - listen to her when she talks

<3 - tell her your secrets

<3 - protect her no matter what

<3 - look in her eyes

<3 - hold her hand

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Friday, April 27th, 2007
April 27th|5.52pm
Just Wondering...
If I were to die tomorrow...
what would you have said to me
and would you think of me fondly
(meaning what memory of me would
you go back to when you do) ?

But I saw this movie today and it
got me thinking...

sooo... please humor me...

Current Mood: curious
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Saturday, April 21st, 2007
April 21st|1.34am
~*The Magic Of Disney Movies*~
I find it amazing that after a few years
of not seeing any
of my old disney movies...

that I can still sing all the songs
and know all the lines
of each character by heart...

It's just awesome!


~*watches HERCULES*~

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Thursday, April 5th, 2007
April 5th|9.24am
Has Made My Vacation Cheerful!

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Friday, March 23rd, 2007
March 23rd|11.33pm
Random Post
Since I haven't posted for a while,
I figured I should return to LJ
and say a few words...

I was thinking about english class
today (mostly because I have to start
writing those journal entries).
The main topic of the class is "love and
It's a pretty interesting class, however
no one ever knows what to say when we
are dicussing "love" in depth. I
think most of the people in the
class really don't truly understand
what love is. Everyone always
associates love with good feelings.
I, myself, never thought of love
as just good feelings, being that
I see a lot of relationships fail
due to that reasoning.
People need to open their eyes and
see what love really is and
accept the fact that it's not always

I came across a book I read
a long time ago that was all
about what love is, how one
discusses it, and how one knows
when love is present in their lives.

I found this list to be very eye-opening,
if you care to read it:

1)one cannot give what one does not
possess, to give love one must possess
2)one cannot teach what one does not
understand, to teach love one must
comprehend love.
3)one canont know what one does not
study, to study love one must
live in love.
4)one cannot appreciate what one
does not recognize, to recognize
love one must be receptive to love.
5)one cannot doubt what one wishes to
trust, to trust love one must be
convinced of love
6)one cannot admit what one does not
yield to, to yield to love you
must be vunerable to love.
7)one cannot live what one does not
dedicate oneself to, to dedicate
oneself to love you must be
forever growing in love

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007
February 24th|8.35am
Why do I have a LJ again?

Oh yea, because of WhoreMuffin...

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Monday, February 12th, 2007
February 12th|12.03pm
*Dir en Grey is LOVE*
I saw Dir en Grey in conert for their TOUR07 INWARDSCREAM...

And I just want to say...

IT WAS FUCKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the perfect view of Kyo from where I was standing.
I got to see him take the blood from his mouth and wipe
in all over is fine chest and scratch his sexy ads!

The good bad part was that I got separated from Paola,
Katie, Kier, and Natalie (new friend I made through my myspace friend).
I did have Bee (my myspace friend) for a a while,
but then I lost her. We all reunited after though...

All in all I had a blast and I'm sooooo glad
I got to finally see a band that I have loved for 5-6 years!


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Thursday, February 8th, 2007
February 8th|1.17am
I wonder sometimes...
... it everything I'm doing in my life
will lead me down the road to my own

I don't need to extremely wealth... I
just want to be financial stable. I want
to have money to live on and provide for
my family. while still having some spending
money to spurge on myself every now and then.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
I know I still have some time to contemplate what
my life's work will be. Please, I want to be hit
with a revelation now!!!
*waits for a while*

Oh DARN IT... it'll hit me... eventually...

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Current Mood: yet wide awake
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Friday, January 26th, 2007
January 26th|9.51pm
I'm just sick of people right now...

Even the ones I care about the most...

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Current Mood: morose
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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
January 23rd|1.44am
Where did everything go wrong?
An epsiode of the worst kind happened last night...
I do not feel like reliving the entire incident again...
But I feel that if I do not vent of my frustations,
I'm going to combust...

My cousin as told me many things in her own language...
Body-wise and metaphorically...
basically telling me that I don't have a place in the
house we both grew up in because
I live upstairs and she lives downstairs...
She has told me that in her universe,
I am an outsider stepping in...
This is what our relationship has amounted to after
years of growing up together...
Nothing but bitterness and hatred...

All this vacation, she has be acting like an
entirely different person from who I have known for years.
She doesn't seem to care about anyone,
besides the sisters in her Sigma Lamda Opsiolan family...
she is moody, violent, aggressive,
disrepectful, and inconceivable agrumentative...
and she is always sickly...

I just don't understand these changes...
aren't you suppose improved as you become older and wiser?
Aren't you suppose to appreciate your family when
you have been away from for months?
And aren't you suppose to show your family that you
still love them and care about them?

The way my cousin is right now, I hate her...
you may think that "hate" is a rather harsh word...
and I never thought that I would ever come to say that
about someone so close to me...
but there is no better word to describe my digust... I just hate her.
I hate what she has become and hate the fact
that she is totally unaware of these changes...

... yet I still cared about her when she walked out
at 3 o' clock in the morning after her huge temper tanrtum...
... I still care after she basically told me
I don't live in her world...

I just don't want to care...

I'm so conflicted...

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Monday, January 1st, 2007
January 1st|1.16am
~*Koi Kaze*~
Random thought that has been running through my head lately...

"What does it really mean to truly love someone?"

All around me, people have been talking about how much they truly love the significant others. They know all their significant others' flaws... they know what idiots they can be... and despite the many tremulous waves of emotions they had to gone through, in the end all of it was worth it... worth all the useless pain and suffering... all the heartache...

It made me wonder... and I pondered this question... and realized I'm not aquainted with this feeling at all...

I've never know what it's like to really truly love another person, fully... I've never giving my heart away to anyone...
They have been people I have cared about deeply in the past... but I don't think I could ever say I loved them...
Now I wonder why I never did let them have to get so close to me... Was it that I didn't really care for them as much as I thought? Or was it that I was afraid to love?

I don't know...
I want a chance to experience this feeling...
This feeling of completely, unconditionally loving someone...
When that will happen... remains a mystery...

sukininatte iino?
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(Jesseh showed me his photos... check them out...)

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Monday, December 25th, 2006
December 25th|9.50pm
I Just Wanna Wish One and All...



(And for those of you who don't celebrate xmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!)

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Current Mood: with the xmas-ay spirit!
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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
December 19th|7.26pm
Oh life...
Finals... they are so draining... I'm so sleepy...

FRIDAY'S ENGLISH: I couldn't have been more depressed that day
TODAY'S MUSIC: I could care less what I wrote, though I was happy the clip was
from THE NEVERENDING STORY! *one of my fav. childhood movies*
TODAY'S PHILOSOPHY: I felt pretty good after it, so I doubt that I failed it...
I'm most likey passing that class with a B average *^^*

FINALS LEFT: PSYCHOLOGY>> Tomorrow... I don't even know how that's going to go
POLITICS>> Need to start writing that paper, then in-class test... ghey

Can't wait 'til all this finals business is over...
I seriously need a drink...

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Friday, December 8th, 2006
December 8th|2.30pm
*Dir en Grey is Love*
It is official!

I FINALLY got the tickets to see Dir en Grey in February! ~*YATTA*~

I'm going with my luver, Paola and I know we are going to have a killer time.

Besides the fact that my first college finals are looming in the horzion and making me all stressed out, the thought of this concert keeps me going...

*Dir en Grey is Love*

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Monday, December 4th, 2006
December 4th|11.18pm
Senor, Senora, Senorita
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"Shall we dance?
1, 2, step...step by step...
What are you hiding senorita? The thing I'm hiding is
1, 2, step...step by step...
That I'm a "good man", dripping lifeblood
1, 2, step...step by step...
If you wish, go ahead and dig your fangs in
1, 2, step...step by step...
Down to the very bone marrow

Ah...with the moon shining down, I softly give you the kiss that I promised you on the nape of your pale neck
But why? Why does some place in my heart ache this much...?

"It's as though I loved you"

1, 2, step...step by step...
Won't you dance with me bonita?, You take my hand
1, 2, step...step by step...
And entwine it around your hips, 1, 2, 3
1, 2, step...step by step...
In the distance that seems to touch my lips, I suddenly
1, 2, step...step by step...
Whisper the words "te amore"

Ah...this flower of passion that has bloomed in my chest is your thorn tightening around my heart
And when I think of you, tears of blood flow.

If this love is one that won't come true, we might as well break it off
Is wishing that something that we can't do?

How good was it that I wasn't myself?
I don't hurt you, even though I can love you...
1, 2, step...step by step
At the first sign of the setting sun, we rendezvous
1, 2, step...step by step
The morning comes again, and we seperate

Ah...I'm a helpless mosquito that can't even get close to you, who I love.
"I want to hold you, but I can't hold you...", that makes me feel like my heart is breaking

Even if my ever changing body dries up
Please, before this love becomes a crime
Let me hold onto the kiss that didn't get to you, and the love story that didn't bear fruit
At least in my dreams, and then wake up

The more I think of you, the closer and farther away we get...like the moon and the sun"

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Until Next We Meet...

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
November 30th|9.50pm
The Truest Of Them All
I'm have come to a realization...

There is only one person in my life right now that truly accepts all of me. I feel that I can share everything with this person... my passions, my interests, my fears... anything.
This person has never judged me once, and when we have different opinions (which we rarely do), we agree to diagree and accept the differences.
I miss her right now... I hardly see her because our lives are engolfed in the tumultuous waves of work and studying for finals.
I need my luver here, to keep my sanity insane! *^0^*

My Twin Soul... Come to Me! <<33

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That person makes me smile like this! *^___^*

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
November 21st|4.59am
Whatevers Clever...
I've decided post up all the nicknames that I've ever had up on LJ, just for kicks...

~Rosie>> been called this all my life
~Rose>> if Rosie wasn't being used
~RoJo>> given to me by my dad<3; mix of my first & middle name
~MoJo RoJo>> he added MoJo to RoJo b/c I reminded him of MoJo JoJo one time
~Ro>> when my parents get lazy
~Ojro>> given to me randomly by Kerri
~Roselle-le>> My Spanish Teacher felt the need to say my name the Spainard way
~Rojolie>> given to me by Angelika<3
~Rojado>> given to me by Suela<3
~RoZo/Roza>> given to me by my lil' cousin, Cristina<3
~Rosie Bosie>> given to me by my aunt when I was a wee tot, but is still used
~Rosalinda>> what most spanish-speaking people call me
~RoRo MoMo>> given to me by Tiffany Chuang<3
~Rosie Posie>> Posie was added by Sherlene<3
~Bara-Chan>> what my fellow JRock peeps called me at times
~Rozezelle>> a girl from SBU called me this by accident and I sorta liked it
~Rochi-chan>> given to me by my lil' cousin, Christian b/c he can't say Rosie
~Rollie (Pollie Ollie)>> given to me by Jesseh<3 and Tiffany Colon<3

IN TOTAL: 18 NickNames!

And believe me, as I meet more people, the list will probably expand somewhat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting~*Smexay MiYaVi-SaMa*~


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Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
November 15th|12.47am
Writing just because...
Right now, I'm attempting to do my philosophy assignment... yet I have choosen to procrastinate for a little been...
and watch MiYaVi vids on Youtube!

WATCH THIS ON WITH ME!!! IT'S MY FAVORITE ONE! (not too sure if LJ can post vids up, but I'm about to find out!)

And here'e a quiz I took, that shows how much I love this MYV* song!

Redundant much? Which Miyavi PV are you??

You are the Ashita, Genki ni Naare PV! You're a pretty interesting individual. You like to spend a lot of time alone, mostly daydreaming. You love warm weather and a spring setting. However, I wouldn't suggest trying to live this way forever. Shopping carts and cardboard boxes don't make very good homes. breathe in a breeze~
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code


Until next we meet...

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